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Every Christian knows they need to grow. Part and parcel to the Christian life is the call to growth in godliness. But where do we look if we want to grow? Do we look at ourselves? Do we look to other examples?
Perhaps the best answer comes from the Puritan preacher Richard Sibbes:
“The very beholding of Christ is a transforming sight. The Spirit that makes us new creatures, and stirs us up to behold this servant, it is a transforming beholding . . . . A man cannot look upon the love of God and of Christ in the gospel, but it will change him to be like God and Christ. For how can we see Christ, and God in Christ, but we shall see how God hates sin, and this will transform us to hate it as God doth, who hated it so that it could not be expiated but with the blood of Christ, God-man. So, seeing the holiness of God in it, it will transform us to be holy. When we see the love of God in the gospel, and the love of Christ in giving himself for us, this will transform us to love God.” [i]
If we want to grow we must look to Jesus. In looking to Him our hearts and minds begin to change into His image.
    [i] Richard Sibbes, “A Description of Christ,” in The Works of Richard Sibbes (Edinburgh: James Nichol, 1862), 1:14.