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One day when we were new parents we bundled up our precious baby in a carrier and left a friend’s house on a winter night. When my foot hit the top concrete step it was covered in ice. My feet shot up in the air – I was horizontal. It felt like I was in a cartoon, just paused in midair, waiting to hit the ground, but with my baby in my arms. I had never been so afraid for someone else’s safety in my life. Instinctively I tucked him in as tight as I could and let my back take the stairs. It was an hour before I felt any physical pain. Not because I’m a super dad, or because I’m ultra unselfish. God put it in my DNA as a dad. It’s nature. It’s what we do. We shoo away bees with our bare hands, and make diving catches of toddlers who fall swing sets. It’s in our nature to protect at great expense to ourselves.  

The Tower of Siloam has fallen. Our nation will never be the same. What are you instinctively grabbing onto? Is it a return to what life was like pre-COVID? Is it a political platform? Is it some brand of social justice? Is it a booming economy or police reform, or national security? Is it a political candidate? Or is it Christ? More towers will fall.

May you experience, and then proclaim, the life-giving peace of the One who is Worthy, our returning King, Jesus Christ.