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For those of us who spend time on the web over the weekends, consider using at least some of your time to grow in your knowledge of God’s Word and His world. Here’s a brief, curated list of videos and articles that I found helpful this past week. Enjoy!

The World Is Catechizing Us Whether We Realize It or Not

Kevin DeYoung is absolutely right. The world is catechizing you, teaching you, discipling you, whether you realize it or not. It’s in our commercials, our news media, our politicians, our entertainment, our music, and more. So what should we do about it? At the very least, we need to be aware of what’s happening and fight to catechize one another in the truth.


The Great Winnowing

"A lot of people aren’t coming back to church.  Let that sink in a minute. Real people—souls, names, faces, and life stories who you know and love—are most likely not going to return to regular church gatherings in a post-pandemic world.”


An Abortion Doctor’s Journey to Become Pro-Life

Here’s a really neat story about an abortion doctor who found the Lord and the truth about the sanctity of human life.