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For those of us who spend time on the web over the weekends, consider using at least some of your time to grow in your knowledge of God’s Word and His world. Here’s a brief, curated list of videos and articles that I found helpful this past week. Enjoy!


Dr. Owen Strachan on Safety, Covid-19, and the Church

Owen was my neighbor back in my early days at SBTS and has continued to be a prophetic voice for truth amidst a darkening culture. This is a Facebook post he wrote a few days ago about the culture’s idolatrous pursuit of safety in a Covid-19 world. Don’t mishear me (or Owen): it’s not necessarily wrong to pursue safety. But it is wrong to make safety an idol, something that is rampant in the widespread cultural respond to the pandemic. We as Christians better be ready to distinguish between a pursuit of safety rooted in wisdom and one rooted in idolatry. This article will help.


Evaluating Our Responses to the Ravi Zacharias Scandal

Randy Alcorn wrote extensively here about the Ravi Zacharias scandal. In this article he examines several different popular responses to the news about Ravi and evaluates them in light of Scripture.  


12 Biblical Counseling Resources on Anxiety

If you’ve ever struggled with anxiety (or love someone who does), one or more of these resources may be helpful for you.  


Canadian Pastor Jailed Over COVID-19 Violations

Whether or not you agree completely with how his church responded to the Covid-19 mandates issued by the governing authorities in Canada, you should at least be concerned by the government’s response. And ask yourself, at what point has the government gone to far? At what point should physical health not be allowed to trump spiritual health?