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Children's ministry at Poquoson Baptist church is intended to be a vibrant, age-appropriate environment for teaching the basic truths of the Bible and for shepherding the children towards a growing relationship with God. We desire to interact with parents and caregivers and seek ways to assist parents in their process of discipling their children in their homes. Parents often have questions about our processes and procedures. Here are a few that may help you get to know us a little better. Contact Email:

  • Q. What will I experience when I bring my kids to Poquoson Baptist?
    A. Down the main hall from our sanctuary is our PBC Kids wing- often referred to as "The Blue Building". Before entering the childrens area, you will see our welcome center and you will be met by one of our volunteers to help register your children for service. We utilize an electronic check in system, print name tags with any appropriate information such as allergies etc. and get useful information from the caregivers/parents such as who will be picking up the children and any contact numbers if needed during service. If you are arriving for Sunday school & Worship, once labels are printed you will be shown where to drop off and pick up your child. If you are arriving for the main worship service, your child will remain with you for the first part of the service (singing) and when prompted on screen, the children will be dismissed to children's church if you desire.
  • Q. What do you teach my children? Is it just playtime?
    A. Children are vibrant, curious, and display a wide range of behaviors and needs in a new environment. We expect that and structure our time together to allow for their expression and to promote curiosity in learning. For Sunday school and also in children's church we utilize The Gospel Project for Kids, tailored for various age groups to help children see the Big Picture - Jesus - in every part of the Bible. We run our classes concurrent with the school year, so every September we asses where our children are in age and ability and assemble classes accordingly. As we grow in staffing and in numbers of children, we are planning to announce new Sunday evening programs this fall to enable more families to celebrate Christ together with us. We hope you will be a part of this exciting growth.
  • Q. My newborn is pretty young - can I trust your care?
    A. Yes. Come check out our nursery area and toddler area- they are connected but separate- once Kids start to motor- they motor! so while connected they are separated from those who are caring for the littlest ones. 
    Our desire is that as we expand into evening services, we will first have a fully staffed nursery. You can worship and learn in confidence our screened volunteers will care for your child with absolute love.
  • Q. Is there security in place for your Children's  area?
    A. Our security team is active any time services are held at Poquoson Baptist. At appropriate times some doors become locked, restricting entry and exit of the buildings to the main entrance. There are also sweeps of the buildings internally and externally, to provide an environment that you can trust as safe.
  • Q. What if my child doesn't want to leave?
    A. That is a great question. We have found the greatest assurance for the children after they have visited our children's ministry and been cared for by our loving staff is that they know they are welcome back with open arms the next time. Thank you for presenting us with an opportunity to share Jesus with your children. Because you came, we have been blessed.