This Sunday at PBC (05/22/2022)

Every worship service at PBC includes four main ingredients. We sing truth to praise God and encourage each other, speak to God in prayer, listen to God in His Word through Scripture reading and a weekly sermon, and respond to God through giving, applying the Word to our lives, and occasionally taking the Lord's Supper and celebrating baptism. 

You can watch Sunday's worship service here.

A detailed order of service and a sermon outline for Sunday can be found here.


Singing Together
Prepare your heart by listening to the songs we'll be singing together on Sunday.


Praying Together

During our Sunday morning worship gathering, each week we are led by different members and Elders in specific areas of corporate prayer. These areas of prayer include an area of praise and adoration for God's attributes, an intentional spotlight on our frailty and sinfulness in a prayer of confession,  a prayer of thanksgiving for God's continuing work in our lives through the Holy Spirit's work in His people, and supplications- earnest prayers for the needs of God's people at P.B.C., in our neighboring churches, prayer for various elements of our governing officials and our nation, and prayers for a specific nation or people groups each week. The attached prayer guide is the focus areas in these 4 categories for this coming weeks service. Please begin to prepare by reading the associated scriptures and in your private prayers begin to lift these areas to the Lord.

Download the Prayer Guide

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