Program Overview

Poquoson Bible Church exists to glorify Jesus by shepherding sinners from lost to leader. The Pastoral Residency Program is an extension of this mission as we develop men into leaders. The Pastoral Residency Program exists to provide pastoral training and practical experience to men who desire to serve in the context of the local church. Residents will be equipped for life-long ministry through the disciplines of reading, writing, discussion, and practice.  

The Pastoral Residency Program is available in two separate tracks:  

  1. The Pastoral Assistant track is a paid position requiring 25-30 hours a week. This track is designed for those who able to devote the bulk of normal business hours (M-F, 8-5) to ministry at PBC. Currently there are no openings in the Pastoral Assistant track.
  2. The Internship track is an unpaid position requiring 5-10 hours a week. This track is designed for those desiring ministry training, but unable to commit beyond 10 hours a week.   PBC will cover all book and conference expenses for all eligible participants, regardless of the track they pursue.  

Program Requirements

Residents must model meaningful membership by their faithful and consistent participation in Sunday school, corporate worship, fellowship groups, prayer meetings, members’ meetings, and regular service to the body.  

Residents must attend weekly residency meetings, usually on Sundays from 4-5:30 PM (Note: childcare is not provided for these meetings)  

Residents must complete weekly readings and assignments. Expect 2-4 hours of reading and other assignments every week. Here’s our reading plan for 2022. . .

Residents must work alongside a PBC elder as he leads his Shepherding Group. This may include phone calls, emails, Zoom calls, and/or personal visits to a portion of PBC’s membership. Elders will be sensitive to the time constraints of residents, but the goal is to incorporate residents into the realities of shepherding ministry.

Those in the Pastoral Assistant track will be responsible for a host of other ministry duties. For those in the Internship track, other opportunities will be made available, but they are not required. Additional opportunities may include opportunities to teach and/or preach, invitations to observe elders’ meetings and staff meetings, invitations to attend conferences and area pastors gatherings, and more.  

Program Acceptance

Acceptance into the program is determined by the PBC elders. For acceptance into the 2022 Pastoral Residency Program, applicants must submit this application on or before December 31, 2021. Those accepted into the program will have their books, resources, and conference fees covered by the Pastoral Residency Program budget.  

APPLY NOW (for PBC Members)

APPLY NOW (non-Members)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the residency? The program usually lasts for twelve months but can be extended for one additional year.

Does the residency cost anything? No. Those in the Pastoral Assistant track will receive a part-time wage for their work in the program. Those in the Internship track will not receive pay. All residents will have all costs associated with the residency paid (including books, conference costs, etc.). Residents are encouraged to raise additional support if needed.

I’m not sure I want to be a pastor, can I still do the residency? We encourage those who are considering either lay or vocational pastoral ministry to apply for the program.

Can I receive seminary credit for the program? Depending on your institution, you may be able to receive up to 12 hours of seminary credit for the completion of this program.

Does completion of the residency mean that the church is affirming me? While one of the goals of the residency program is to help residents discern a call to ministry, acceptance into and/or completion of the program in no way implies PBC’ affirmation of a resident’s calling. Along these same lines, residents should not anticipate compensation or support beyond the 12-month program.

Will PBC help me find a job at the end of the residency? We cannot guarantee job placement, but our desire is to help residency graduates find ministry placement upon completion of the program.