The Counseling Ministry at Poquoson Baptist Church makes available one-on-one individual, children, marriage, couple and family counseling. The goal of this ministry is to provide support by assisting in all areas of living including grief, relationships, emotional, physical & spiritual challenges, and personal growth related issues. 

Pathways Counseling - Pathways is a counseling ministry of Poquoson Baptist Church that is open to the public. It’s a ministry of helping, based on a biblical understanding and application of what it means to be image-bearers of God in a fallen world. Not even Christians are immune to all that ails mankind—depression, anxiety, grief, confusion, loneliness, lust, addictions, abuse, divorce, and anger. But God does not leave us without help and hope. At Pathways, we examine life events in order to apply Scriptural principles to God’s people. Helping people grow in this most intimate form of discipleship is just another way we strive to shepherd sinners from lost to leader.