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[The following is excerpted from the book, Gather: Getting to the Heart of Going to Church, Copyright © 2021 by M. Hopson Boutot. Click here to download the entire book for free.

The local church matters. It’s essential to the life and health of every Christian. So what’re you doing this Sunday? If you’re able, I pray you’ll gather with the saints. Not merely to consume, but to serve. Not in hypocrisy, but with a heart that desires to worship God and encourage His people. Not with a laissez-faire attitude that eschews commitment, but with a genuine desire to covenant with the members in your local church. Not to divide, but to build up and unite. Not in unbelief, but in faith that God will do great things through your faithfulness to gather with His people.

The aim of this entire book has been to encourage you to faithfully attend. Choose rightly. But don’t just choose to show up. Choose to show up in the right way and for the right reasons.