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 For those of us who spend time on the web over the weekends, consider using at least some of your time to grow in your knowledge of God’s Word and His world. Here’s a brief, curated list of videos and articles that I found helpful this past week. Enjoy!  


Study the Book of Micah

In case you haven’t had time to get ready for tomorrow’s sermon on the book of Micah, consider checking out one of the resources I referenced in this article.  


Holiness Is Critical for Our Assurance of Salvation

In this short video, Joel Beeke explains why we cannot have great assurance of faith if we are content to exhibit little holiness in our lives.  


What is Gossip? Exposing a Common and Dangerous Sin

Matt Mitchell writes for Desiring God about the dangers of gossip. Last year the PBC staff read through Mitchell’s book Resisting Gossip (available in the PBC bookstall) and found it incredibly helpful.  


The Most Important Decision You’re Probably Not Thinking About

Kevin DeYoung shares his message to graduates at a recent Baccalaureate service at a Christian school. His topic was the importance of church attendance. He exhorts us: “if you want to be much less of a follower of Jesus Christ five years from now, make church marginal in your life.”