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For those of us who spend time on the web over the weekends, consider using at least some of your time to grow in your knowledge of God’s Word and His world. Here’s a brief, curated list of videos and articles that I found helpful this past week. Enjoy!


Study the Book of Hosea

I realize citing myself is bad form, but in case you haven’t had time to get ready for tomorrow’s sermon on the book of Hosea, consider checking out one of the resources I referenced in this article.


Please Stay

“Stay in your Bible preaching church with imperfect people, imperfect pastors and imperfect teachers. Stay and commit to hiding God’s word in your heart, reading and meditating every single day. Stay and humbly repent of your own sins. Stay and pray for others. Stay and serve. Stay and speak a kind word. Stay and confront a grievous sin. Stay and be confronted. Stay and forgive. Stay and encourage your pastor, who is often left alone to carry the weight of his calling and the weight of his flock. Stay and temper your complaints, placing them before the Almighty God in prayer before taking further action. Stay and put a hand on a discouraged shoulder, and in doing so encourage the entire church body to move towards unity. Stay and show forbearance and long-suffering; modeling commitment for your spouse, your children, and your grandchildren in the midst of this transient world. Stay and extend deference to the non-essential opinions of others. Stay and be the church without owning the church, because the church belongs to God. Stay and be changed.”  


If You Use Your Phone as an Alarm Clock

A good reminder from Jared Wilson to fight to make sure you’re hearing from God’s Word in the morning before you’re hearing the words of others.  


How to Know You’ve Become a Pharisee

A provocative illustration from Eugene Peterson that demonstrates the process to turning into a Pharisee.  


The Socratic Method

In this brief video, R.C. Sproul talks about the usefulness of the Socratic Method.  


Five Questions About Deacons

Matt Smethurst answers five important questions about deacons and their ministry.