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2020 has been a tough year for many, but it wasn’t all bad. In fact, the year has been filled with beauty for those who have eyes to see it. One area where beauty has been evident is the continued release of quality Christian music. Here are some of my favorite songs that were released this year. I hope they’ll be an encouragement to you.


#1: Behold He Comes by Rend Collective

 I love the triumphant sound and lyrics in this song. I especially love the closing words, “just hold on, the King is surely coming!”


#2: Christ Our Hope in Life and Death by Keith & Kristyn Getty

This is a wonderful song that we’ve already sung several times in church services this year. I love how this song was inspired by the Heidelberg Catechism!


#3: Only Jesus Christ by The Citizens

I’ve been listening to The Citizens for years, and they’ve yet to release an album I didn’t like. Their newest album, The Joy of Being, is no exception. This is my favorite song from the album.


#4: The Well by I Am They


I Am They is another band I’ve been listening to for years. Every album they release has a handful of songs that deeply resonate with me, and this is the one that touched me most from their 2020 release Faithful God.


#5: God of All Nations by Ellie Holcomb

 Ellie Holcomb’s 2020 release: Sing: Remembering Songs is an incredible album. It’s aimed towards children, but its theologically rich and incredibly catchy. I love the missiological focus of this song.


#6: Stupid Deep by Switchfoot

Okay, so this one is a bit unique for several reasons. First, it’s not necessarily a Christian song. Although if you listen carefully to the lyrics, you’ll find a profound Augustinian flair. Second, it’s not a Switchfoot song. It was originally written and recorded by Jon Bellion in 2018. But since Switchfoot covered it in 2020, it snuck its way onto this list.


#7: Your Will Be Done by CityAlight

CityAlight is a music ministry from a church in Sydney, Australia that consistently releases biblically-rich music designed for the church. This song was written and recorded during the earliest days of the Covid-19 outbreak and it’s message is timely and beautiful.


#8: O Come All Ye Unfaithful, Sovereign Grace Music

 It’s unusual for a Christmas song to make it to a list like this, but this song is simply beautiful. We played the video at our Christmas Eve service and sung O Come All Ye Faithful immediately afterwards. It was incredible opportunity to remind our people of one of the beautiful paradoxes of the Christian faith. God’s people are the faithful who come to Jesus to adore Him, yet we are not saved or kept by our faithfulness. We are unfaithful, weary, broken, bitter, sinful, and wrecked. Praise God for sending Christ, the Faithful One.


That’s my list of favorite songs released in 2020. What songs would you add?