If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, you know that it’s been a while. In Fall 2020 I decided to begin regularly writing here. My aim was to continue cultivating the discipline of writing and to (hopefully) bless or encourage a few people along the way.

For close to a year I regularly posted between 3-5 articles a week. Nothing fancy or particularly earth-shattering, but enough to keep forcing myself to write. And then I hit a brick wall. No, I didn’t get sick or injured or anything like that. I just got weary. Tired. Busy. Discouraged. All that and more. In the end, writing here just became another thing on an already full plate. I didn’t feel like it was important or helpful or beneficial.

And so, for the last three months this blog has been silent. But in the past few weeks I’ve made a few changes in my schedule that (I hope) will allow me to revive this blog. You may not hear from me quite as often as you did last year, but when you do I hope you’ll find yourself instructed and encouraged. See you again soon!