Fifteen years ago today I said “I do” to my lovely wife Holly. In fifteen years together we’ve experienced highs and lows. We’ve celebrated the birth of a son and three daughters. We’ve rejoiced as another son has joined our family through adoption. We’ve bought two homes together, served four churches, and lived in four states. We’ve laughed and cried together. We’ve prayed together. A lot.


Our marriage is not perfect by any stretch. But by God’s grace it still holds. By God’s grace we love each other more today than we did fifteen years ago. By God’s grace we still make time for each other, still listen to each other, still serve one another, and still praise God together.  

I often remind couples just starting out that marriage isn’t a panacea for all life’s problems. It doesn’t “fix” anything that’s broken. The Bible’s math is simple: one sinner + one sinner does not equal less sin. It always leads to more. More sin, more conflict, more chances for one to be hurt, or to be the one doing the hurting.  

But there’s good news too. For those committed to love their spouse best by loving them less than they love Jesus, there is hope. Hope that’s still growing fifteen years later. Hope that can outlast sin, suffering, and storms.  

That’s the hope I hold out for anyone reading this today. Your marriage may feel hopeless right now. There’s been times when my marriage has felt the same way. But by God’s grace our hope still lingers. Why? Because our love for one another has been eclipsed by a greater affection for the Lover of our souls. Trust Him, husband. Trust Him, wife. Then sit back and watch what He does. Trust me, it’s worth it.