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Latest Update From Leadership: Friday March 13, 8:00 a.m. 

Greetings! As many of you are aware, in some areas affected by the current virus outbreak, governing officials have imposed restrictions of meetings of various sizes. In VIRGINIA, at present, there has been no requests or rulings from governing officials that would limit our ability to gather for worship on Sunday. At this point the elders are in agreement to continue with our plans to have services on Sunday. This will likely not change unless the Governor asks for large gatherings not to meet,. However, we are encouraging people to stay home if they are sick or highly susceptible to the virus. If there is any change in this status before Sunday, we will communicate that to all promptly. Otherwise, we look forward to worshiping the king of Kings with you then.

Please Read the bulletin Insert attached to this post below -P.B.C. Coronavirus Response for more information

From Pastor Hopson:

However you choose to respond to this pandemic, don’t neglect to reflect on what God may be teaching us through this. Here’s a few suggestions:

As governments struggle to respond, reflect on the truth that only God is sovereign.

As infections increase among the rich and famous, reflect on the truth that money and fame cannot add a second to one’s life.

As events are cancelled, reflect on the truth that in the end, many of the distractions that occupy so much of our time really aren’t that important.

As the stock market plunges, reflect on the truth that the achievement of western civilization is a very fragile thing.

As panic ensues and store shelves are empty (here’s looking at you, ) , remember the difference between luxuries, conveniences, and needs. And remember we have a God who promises to supply the latter.

As the sickness spreads and the death toll increases, reflect on the truth that life is short and in the end all of us will die.

As scientists race for a cure, praise God for the good news of the Gospel which brings hope and a cure for the disease of sin. And cling to Christ, remembering that nothing can separate us from His love.

The moon is always round, even when you cannot see it. And Christ is always good, even when we don’t understand what He’s doing.