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Every Sunday morning at PBC we begin our services with a Scripture reading followed by a prayer of praise. These are some of the most powerful times of our worship gatherings as different brothers and sisters lead us in praising God for who He is. The following prayer was prepared and prayed by Kathy Proctor during our worship service on February 21, 2021.


Eternal Father,

Forever is not enough time to sing your praises. Holy God, Creator, Sustainer, Savior - complete in unity, we worship you wholly in our own incompleteness. Our minds cannot even encompass your passion, your compassion, your expanse or your expense in choosing to love us.

For you alone are Lord; there is no other from whom all things exist, for whom all things exist. Together, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, 3 different persons while mysteriusly remaining as one - the only one able to create horizons, bind the seas and change hearts.

Let us love you with all our hearts, all our souls and all our might and may we have No other gods before you.

Because you sent Jesus,