Acts 13:13
Four Truths About the Bible:
1) The Holy Spirit is the Author of the Bible.
  • Written by men (Law, Prophets, David, Moses) 
  • Written by God (4x in vv. 44-49) 
  • We know from elsewhere that the Scriptures were inspired by the Spirit...
    • 2 Peter 1:21 “For no prophecy was ever produced by the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit.”
2) God’s Glory is the Goal of the Bible.
  • It’s the Sabbath day, they’re gathered at a synagogue and Paul is asked to preach an encouraging message from God’s Word 
  • Notice how God-centered Paul’s sermon is (vv. 16-22)
    • God . . . Chose Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
    • God . . . Made Israel great in Egypt
    • God . . . Led them out of Egypt
    • God . . . Put up with them in the wilderness
    • God . . . Destroyed seven nations in Canaan
    • God . . . Gave the Israelites the Promised Land
    • God . . . Gave them judged
    • God . . . Gave them Samuel the prophet
    • God . . . gave them King Saul 
    • God . . . Removed King Saul
    • God . . . Raised up  King David
  • The Bible is not first and foremost about you!!
3) Jesus is the Hero of the Bible.
  • Paul talks about the fathers (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob), the Exodus (Moses, Aaron, Joshua), the judges (Gideon, Samson, etc.), the prophets (Samuel, etc.) the kings (Saul, David, etc.) but NONE of them are the hero!!!  
  • Read vv. 23-37
What is the message of the Bible?
  • Not about morality, not about Israel, not about America, not about being fulfilled, not about being happy, not about good works, etc. 
4) Salvation is the Message of the Bible.
  • Read vv. 26
    • We need to be saved!!!
    • Why?!?! Because God is HOLY and we are sinful! 
  • Read 38-39
    • Forgiveness!!!
    • Everyone who . . . Prays a prayer? Walks down an aisle? Joins a church? Does good works? NO!!! Believes!!!
    • Notice it’s in present tense—keep believing!!!
    • Freed!!!
How will you respond to the Bible?

What is Your
Response to the Bible?