Acts 15: 36-41

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Don't let conflict catch you by surprise. We're not shocked that there are disagreements in the Bible, but some of us are shocked that there are disagreements among Christians. For some reason, we as Christians have this idea that if both you and I are believers, we will never find ourselves in disagreement. But we know that is not true. It is not true from the bible and we know it not to be true from experience. If you are a Christian here this morning, and you have never had a conflict with another Christian, there can only be two reasons:

1. You just became a Christian this morning.

2. You have never allowed other Christians to get close enough to you to hurt you and you’ve never committed to a relationship long enough to work through it.

My desire is that conflict won't catch you by surprise. And to help you with that, I want to take you to one of the most painful conflicts in all of Scripture to teach you some essential truths about conflict.