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New Childcare Policies

In the past PBC has hired childcare workers to care for young children during Fellowship Group meetings. Unfortunately this practice has become increasingly difficult to maintain. Therefore, beginning with our Spring 2022 groups PBC will no longer directly provide childcare workers for Fellowship Groups. 

If you sign up for a group listed designated "Childcare Options Available" this means the host home is agreeable to having families with young children. This does NOT mean childcare details have already been arranged. Each group will need to agree on how best to facilitate childcare during group meetings. Some options include:

  • Parents can rotate weeks caring for the children within the group
  • Parents can split the weekly childcare for the group meeting in half so no adults miss the entire weekly meeting
  • PBC can help connect groups with young children with individuals willing to help with childcare
  • PBC will reimburse families and groups for childcare during Fellowship Groups up to $10/hour
  • Families who secure their own babysitter so they can attend a Fellowship Group and leave their kids at home are also eligible to request reimbursement up to $10/hour.

We remain committed to the value of Fellowship Groups, including for our families with young children. The decision to no longer facilitate childcare is not a lack of care or concern for our young families. Instead, it's rooted in a belief that the parents themselves are the best ones to facilitate childcare for their own children. We will gladly come alongside you and resource you as you strive to do that well.

Please email Pastor Hopson if you have any questions or concerns.