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Winter Fellowship Group sign-up has begun! You can register here.


Groups will run the week of Jan 11 thru March 30. We are doing things slightly different this time around. You will sign up directly for the group you want to participate in. Day & Time, City, and Leader are provided, and it is all first-come, first-served. Once a group is full, it's full so sign up fast!!! If anyone has any questions, please reach out to Jason Wells.


A Fellowship Group is a formal group of PBC members who commit to meet together weekly for three months to cultivate gospel community with one another.

When we say, “formal”, we don’t mean “rigid.” By “formal” we mean that everyone is making a commitment to meet, even when it’s inconvenient. The people in that group agree to say “no” to other things in order to say “yes” to each other.

We say “cultivate,” to emphasize that Fellowship groups don’t become your community (biblical, your community should be your entire local church). Rather, they exist to create an onramp where you cultivate deeper experiences of community within the ch