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Social distancing doesn't mean distancing from our mission to shepherd sinners from lost to leader. Here's just a few stories of how God's people at PBC are still being faithful on mission.

First, we're working to care for our own members. For example, several small groups of PBC members are planning to visit one of our shut-in members to sing her happy birthday on April 15. Turning 92 is no small accomplishment, and we don't believe she should have to celebrate it alone. To learn how you can get involved, click here.

Second, we're working to reach our neighbors. Some PBC members have begun gathering on their porches every night at 7:00 PM to recite the Lord's Prayer and pray over their neighborhoods. Consider what you can do in your own neighborhood to pursue the lost with the Good News of Christ.

Third, we're working to love our community. On Easter Sunday, Poquoson Baptist Church is serving lunch to the medical staff at Riverside Hospital. Poquoson Baptist is partnering with Catalyst Church to sponsor a local food track that will prepare approximately 150-200 meals to bless those in the medical community who are working so hard to care for us. This is only possible because of your continued faithfulness in giving, so thank you!

Fourth, we're working to share the Good News with the world. This week we're asking all PBC members to record a video testimony about how Jesus changed your life and upload it to social media using the hashtag #JesusChangedMyLife and tagging @PoquosonBaptist in your post. In doing this we hope to join with Christians all over the world in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ! To learn more about how you can share your story, click here.

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