Fellowship Groups

Beginning Mid January 2020. Poquoson Baptist introduces Fellowship Groups to the body. To Register to join a group- fill in and submit the form below.

What are fellowship groups?  A formal group of PBC members who commit to meet together regularly for a specified period of time to cultivate biblical fellowship with one another based on

  • (Acts 2:42-47).
    And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers...  

What will we do at these Fellowship Groups? Fellowship Groups are designed to cultivate deeper personal relationships with a diverse group of P.B.C. members. These are NOT accountability groups, nor are they Bible or book study groups. Every week we will spend some time talking about the preceeding week's Sermon, and spend time in prayer for each other, but in large part we want to develop a culture where there is a platform for us to know & grow together. Each Fellowship Group will meet for roughly 3 months, then there will be a one month break, then groups will start again- With different member makeups-so that over the course of a year, we will spend time with get to know & grow with a multitude of our family in ways not available in our corporate gatherings. 

How do I join a Fellowship Group? Below is a link to our Fellowship Group sign up Form. These groups are designed to be family friendly- we prefer husbands and wives meet together with their groups, and we have some groups that are kid friendly so be sure to list names and ages of your children if you want them to meet with you. For those who would prefer to make this a night out but can not afford childcare, please make a note of this as we have some limited funds that may be able to cover that cost. We look forward to how God will grow us together in the coming days weeks and months in the Grace of Christ.