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Why Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is Risky

For the past several decades, many churches in America have set aside a Sunday in January to commemorate a horrible anniversary: the Roe v. Wade decision declaring a constitutional right to abortion on demand. Since the Supreme Court decided the … Continue reading

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Ask the Pastor: What’s a Members’ Meeting?

  What’s a Members’ Meeting like at Poquoson Baptist Church?  Great question! One of my favorite times as a pastor is gathering with our church membership for a monthly Members’ Meeting. We used to call these meetings “Business Meetings,” but … Continue reading

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Crazy Busy?

Our family is in the middle of a very busy season. We just bought a home that we’re remodeling ourselves (with an awesome army of volunteer labor), we’re neck-deep in adoption paperwork, we have four growing children, and I’m in … Continue reading

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Bedtime Grace

Bedtime is special in our house. Every night I give each child a hug and a kiss, a special “magic tuck,” and I tell them the same thing “No matter where you go, no matter what you do, no matter … Continue reading

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