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Ask the Pastor: Did Jesus Go to Hell?

Scripture tells that after Jesus died, He went to hell. What exactly does that mean?  Did Jesus descend into hell after His death on the cross? Belief in a literal descent into hell are grounded in three primary sources.   … Continue reading

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Church Music Should Be Christ-Centered

Worship Wars is Pastor Hopson’s current teaching series on Wednesday nights at 6:30 at Poquoson Baptist Church. Join us to learn more about worship and music from a Christian worldview. Click here to listen to the recordings. The following is … Continue reading

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Yard Sign Theology

What’s in a name? In a politically-charged election year, nearly everything. The yard signs are everywhere. Trump. Hillary. A thousand other state and local candidates. Every election we’re reminded of the importance of names. We buy t-shirts and hats, bumper … Continue reading

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