10 Applications to Suffering from Pastor Michael Boutot

Facing Struggles: I Want to Fly Like an Eagle

Pastor Michael R. Boutot




1. We are never told Christianity was the EASY way out; in fact, we are promised TRIALS and TRIBULATIONS.


2. While God can heal anyone and anything, God does not necessarily want everyone healed.


3. God may be trying to teach us something through our suffering.


4. God may allow suffering, but there are times He orchestrates suffering.


5. It is important that we learn to be content in and through our suffering.


6. We can be a tremendous witness and testimony by how we handle our suffering.  


7. Suffering can often be a method used by God to humble us.


8. God desires to be magnified and glorified in and through our suffering.


9. We can handle our burdens ALONE…with others….or sharing a YOKE  with Christ.


10. Sharing Jesus’ yoke is the best way to find real REST and PEACE.

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