How To Prepare For This Sunday, 06/17/2018

You can begin preparing for Sunday’s sermon by reading Colossians 3:15-17. Last week we learned that if we truly treasure Christ we’ll put on the holiness that draws us near to Him. This Sunday, Paul will shift again in his letter from some specific results of confidence in Christ, to the spheres where those results where be evident. In the remainder of his letter we’ll see that following Jesus should affect our life in the local church, at home, with outsiders, and beyond. This Sunday we’ll discover that if we’re confident in Christ we’ll do church differently.



Here’s a few specific ways to prepare for Sunday:

1) Pray and ask God to work in you for His glory.

2) Read and meditate on Colossians 3:15-17, our text for Sunday’s sermon.

3) Below are the songs we’ll be singing on Sunday. Click on the links to learn any you don’t know so you’re prepared to sing.

Hosanna (Praise is Rising)

O Mighty Cross

Your Grace is Enough

Our Heart

O Worship the King

See you Sunday!

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