How To Prepare For This Sunday – 05/06/2018

This Sunday, we’ll be continuing our journey through the book of Colossians. You can prepare for this Sunday’s sermon by reading Colossians 2:11-12. In last Sunday’s text Paul explained the massive significance of what it means to be in Christ. This Sunday, we’ll discover how he burrows deeper into that reality, telling a group of Gentile Christians that because they are in Christ the sign of circumcision applies to them even though they’re uncircumcised. How? Because Christ has made them alive through their faith in the Gospel, which they have publicly professed through the sign of baptism. This Sunday we’re going to dive deep into the signs of circumcision and baptism, striving to avoid the twin pitfalls of misreading or ignoring the signs.


Here’s a few specific ways to prepare for Sunday:

1) Pray and ask God to work in you for His glory.

2) Read and meditate on Colossians 2:11-12, our text for Sunday’s sermon.

3) Below are the songs we’ll be singing on Sunday. Click on the links to learn any you don’t know so you’re prepared to sing.

Ancient of Days

He Will Hold Me Fast

All I Have Is Christ

Great Are You Lord


See you Sunday!

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