What to Expect on Harvest Day

On October 1, 2017, Poquoson Baptist Church will be celebrating a special day of renewed commitment to Christ and His church.

General Overview

We believe the Bible teaches that a local church is the most important organization in the world. Therefore, due to its sacred nature and the teaching of Scripture, the local church should have high standards for membership. The New Testament pictures the local church as a body filled with activities like burden-bearing, serving, fellowship, accountability, confession, discipleship, mutual submission, and church discipline. But if a church does not know its membership, doing any of this well is impossible. Therefore, every local church should strive to have meaningful membership.

For months we have been discussing the importance of meaningful membership at Poquoson Baptist. We’ve taken some small steps to move in this direction, but the reality is we still have a long way to go. We still have many “members” on our list that have not shown any recent interest in being involved in PBC life.  We believe these inactive “members” should be encouraged to decide whether or not they want to remain a member of this church.

For the health and wellbeing of Poquoson Baptist Church, we’re taking a giant leap towards meaningful membership by asking existing members to “opt-in” to affirm their membership.

What to Expect on Sunday

With God’s help, this Sunday will be a major day in the life of PBC as we celebrate our love and commitment for one another. With that in mind, much of our main worship gathering will be moving us towards this moment in PBC life. Here’s what you can expect:

We’ll begin by worshiping in song like normal.

Next, we’ll welcome our guests, being careful to explain some of the unique aspects of this particular worship gathering.

We’ll continue to sing together before the sermon

I’ll preach a sermon on our fifth identity as a local church–We Are Family. Central to this sermon will be an invitation to publicly reaffirm your commitment to this family (as well as an invitation to new faces to join the family with us!)

At the conclusion of the sermon, we’ll recite our covenant together as a church family

After the sermon we’ll stand and sing together. During this time we’ll ask families to retrieve their children from the nursery so all our childcare workers can join us in the Worship Center.

After a song or two, we’ll invite everyone to the front who desires to (1) reaffirm their PBC membership or (2) pursue membership at PBC. We’ll have a basket near the stage where individuals can place their Reaffirmation Cards. And don’t worry if you forget to bring your card–we’ll have extras in the bulletins and in the pews.

After we’ve reaffirmed our membership together, we’ll sing one more song then pose for a congregational photo before we’re dismissed.

When the worship gathering ends, we’ll continue the celebration in our gymnasium with a family dinner provided by our Hospitality Team.

We’ll wrap up the day’s festivities with a special tableside Lord’s Supper service in the gym.

Brothers and Sisters, I am pumped to celebrate with you this Sunday! See you then!


Pastor Hopson

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