Ask the Pastor: What’s a Members’ Meeting?


What’s a Members’ Meeting like at Poquoson Baptist Church? 

Great question! One of my favorite times as a pastor is gathering with our church membership for a monthly Members’ Meeting. We used to call these meetings “Business Meetings,” but we changed the name last year to emphasize (1) the family feel we hope the meetings have (instead of a stodgy business-y feel) and (2) to encourage this to be an intentional gathering of the PBC membership. So what do we do at these meetings?

First, we generally eat a meal together. It’s a great, informal time of food and fellowship.

Second, we sing together. Everything we do in our Members’ Meetings is meant to be an expression of our worship to King Jesus, so it’s fitting that we begin the more formal time of our gathering by expressing our love to Jesus through song.

Third, we walk through the church calendar. Since many events in a church’s life don’t affect a lot of regular attenders, we strive to keep Sunday morning announcements as brief as possible. That said, there’s always something going on in church life that we want people to be informed about, so we devote about 5-10 minutes to walk through everything on the church calendar for the next few months.

Next, we occasionally hear special reports from various teams and ministries in PBC life. For example, at our last Members’ Meeting our VBS Directors showed a slideshow and gave us a report about VBS. This coming Members’ Meeting our Student Director and some students will share about their recent experience at camp.

Next, I spend about 20 minutes teaching on big-picture vision issues for the church. These are usually nitty-gritty local church issues that wouldn’t be helpful or appropriate to address when we have a lot of guests present. For example, I’ve spent the past 8 months using this time to teach about the importance of Meaningful Membership.

Then we transition to the “business meeting” portion of the night where we discuss the church budget, formally welcome people into membership, vote on major issues as a church, etc.

Finally, we conclude in prayer.

If you’re a member at PBC, we strongly encourage you to make Members’ Meeting attendance a top priority. These meetings are fun and highly profitable for the life and health of the local church. But don’t take my word for it! See for yourself what some of our members have to say about these meetings…


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