From Lost to Leader

We exist to glorify God by shepherding sinners from lost to leader.

Okay, that’s why we’re here–but what does it mean? What does it mean to glorify God by shepherding sinners from lost to leader?

Glorify God—every organization has a reason for existence, usually devoted to promoting their own brand, products, or services. The local church is also called to promote, but not ourselves. Our purpose is to promote the goodness and majesty of God. That’s what it means to glorify Him. But how do we do that?

Shepherding sinners—Before ascending into heaven, Jesus told His followers to “make disciples of all nations.” The way we’re called to glorify God until Jesus returns is to make disciples. We sometimes call this “shepherding sinners” because it reminds us of two realities.

  • The word shepherding reminds us that we can’t make people become disciples of Jesus. But we can shepherd them in the right direction by pointing them to God’s Word and walking alongside them in love.
  • The word sinners reminds us that this is difficult, messy work. Even after we give our lives to Jesus, we still battle daily with sin. Therefore, the work of disciples and disciple-makers is never finished until Jesus returns.

From lost to leader—Our goal is not merely to see people go from lost to saved, but from lost to leader. When a sinner repents of his or her sins and trusts in Jesus, our work is only beginning. God-glorifying discipleship is not content with making converts, but by helping individuals grow to Christian maturity.

May God’s Spirit help us to be faithful to fulfill His Great Commission.

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