Preparing for Sunday (10/9/16)

prep_sundayHey church family!

Over two years ago Pastor John began his sermon series through Paul’s letter to the local church in Rome. During PBC’s time of transition, Pastor Dale continued teaching through Romans. Together Pastors John and Dale taught verse-by-verse through Romans chapters 1-12. This Sunday I’ll pick up where they left off and begin taking us through the final 4 chapters.

But before we dig into chapter 13, I’d like us to zoom out for one Sunday and take a look at the big picture of this magnificent letter. That said, I’ll be doing something I’ve never done before–preaching 12 chapters in one sermon.

Now it won’t be a typical verse-by-verse sermon, but we will be hitting the high points in Paul’s argument. If you’d like to prepare yourself for Sunday, start by reading Romans 1-12. You’ll notice in Romans 1:16-17, that a major theme of this letter is the importance of righteousness. If you like to see the big picture, here’s Paul’s major arguments throughout this letter.

  1. Who Needs Righteousness? (Romans 1:18-3:20)
    • Answer: Everybody needs righteousness.
    • Heathens Need God’s Righteousness (1:18-32)
    • Hypocrites Need God’s Righteousness (2:1-16)
    • Hebrews Need God’s Righteousness (2:17-3:8)
    • All Humanity Needs God’s Righteousness (3:9-20)
  1. Where Can I Find Righteousness? (Romans 3:21-5:21)
    • Answer: Righteousness isn’t a virtue to be found, but a gift to be received.
    • How God gives us righteousness (justification by faith) (3:21-31)
    • Objection 1 — This is a new doctrine! (4:1-25)
    • Objection 2 — How does this work? (5:1-21)
  1. What does Gift-Righteousness Do? (Romans 6:1-8:39)
    • Answer: It instantly changes our position and gradually changes our practice.
    • Set free from sin (6:1-23)
    • Set free from the law (7:1-12)
    • Not perfect (7:13-25)
    • Making progress (8:1-17)
    • Confident in God (8:18-39)
  1. Why Should I Trust the Righteousness of God? (Romans 9:1-11:36)
    • Answer: Because God keeps His promises.
    • God never promised all Jews would be saved (9:1-29)
    • God extends salvation to all who will believe (9:30-10:21)
    • God will save all He chooses to save (11:1-36)
  1. How Should the Righteousness Live? (Romans 12:1-16:27)
  • Answer: It changes our relationships with God and others.

After this Sunday’s overview sermon, we’ll spend the next two months walking through Romans 13-16 and how gift-righteousness changes our relationships with God and others.

Hope to see you Sunday!

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  1. Jeffrey Rathbone says:

    Excellent way to tie all together. Looking forward to Sunday and beyond.

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