Code of Virginia Compliance

This describes our Code of Virginia Compliance information. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

In compliance with the Code of Virginia, Section 63.2-1716, Wythe Creek Academy is religiously exempt from licensure and is classified as a "religiously exempt child day center." As a religiously exempt private school, Wythe Creek Academy has the right to create and set standards.

Wythe Creek Academy is located at 283 Wythe Creek Road in Poquoson, VA. Our preschool uses 14 rooms of Poquoson Baptist Church's total facilities, (approximately 9,000 sq. feet). The church's kitchen facilities are available for use by the Center, snacks are provided, but not meals. The center provides mid-morning and afternoon snacks. We have two outdoor playgrounds as well as indoor toys which are set up in the gym.

In accordance with Code of Virginia for Religiously Exempt Child Care Centers, Wythe Creek Academy will NOT administer prescription or non-prescription medications. Please carefully consider this if your child has severe allergies or needs medication during the school day.

Our staff members' qualifications include experience, education or training and a desire to work with young children. They must be willing to participate in on-going professional development and training. The director must have at least a 4-year degree, have experience working with adults and children, and have experience in supervision. All staff members must be born again Christians who faithfully attend and support a local church. All staff must provide identification and have a satisfactory criminal history background check. All staff are certified annually by a practicing physician to be free from any disability which would prevent them from caring for children.

Wythe Creek Academy is covered by public liability insurance which provides coverage in the event that someone brings suit for personal or bodily harm suffered during the operation of the center as a result of negligence.